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Residential Roofing Awards


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Metal Roofing Installation Done Right

 Metal roofing installation is an investment in roof longevity with little to no maintenance and roof repair. A favorite in commercial roofing, metal roofs’ popularity with residential homes is growing. If your reasons for a new roof include beauty and easy care, metal roofing just might be for you.

In previous years, metal roofing contractors and early metal roofing installation were done with “standing seams.” Expert installers would fabricate the roofs on the job site using large rolls of sheet metal. Nowadays, typical metal roofing is factory-formed steel paneling. A panel’s edge is shaped as a ridge that overlaps seams during installation.

A factory paint finish is then applied to provide corrosion resistance and offers a 40-year paint warranty and a variety of color choices. Don’t just call any Fort Myers or SW Florida metal roofing contractor, call Stay Dry Roofing for all your metal roofing needs.













Fort Myers Metal Roofing

Why Metal Roofing?

Here at Stay Dry Roofing, we offer virtually all roofing material options including shingles, tile, etc., and of course each customer has his or her own unique preferences and needs. That said, one option that gains in popularity ever year is metal roofing. That’s really no surprise. Our metal roofing contractors near you feel that metal has a number of advantages that make Fort Myers metal roofing an appealing choice.

It’s sturdy, long-lasting, energy-efficient, environmentally responsible choice, versatile, lightweight, good-looking, affordable, and suitable for both homes and businesses. Let’s take a look at some of metal roofing’s features in more detail.

Residential Metal Roofing Reviews

Buying a new roof is an investment, and it’s only natural to want the very best product possible for your money

In addition to hiring a quality installation team with plenty of experience, the material you select is vital. Metal is well-known for its durability and ability to resist damage from the elements, two qualities that make it excellent as a roofing material. With that said, there are certain circumstances when you might need to look into roof repair or metal patches. Let’s look at what kind of repair metal roofs typically need and what kind of metal roofing contractor you will need to finish the job.

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Metal Roof Repair

Do metal roofs need repair?

Roof leak repair isn’t a new concept, especially in homes with more traditional asphalt shingles. Water eventually wears down the shingles and finds its way inside your home, an issue that could cause even more serious property damage if left unchecked. But how often does a metal roof need to be replaced?

In short, not often. Under normal circumstances, your metal roof should last anywhere from 40 years to 70 years, even if it requires the occasional reapplication of metal roof sealant or a metal roof patch. That’s because metal roofs leaking is not a common problem, however it is not unheard of. There are a few different reasons why you might need to invest in metal roof repair, with storm damage and faulty installation being the primary culprits. Make sure to reach out to an experienced roof repair team like Stay Dry Roofing when you find yourself in need!

Metal roofs are notorious for their low maintenance needs, however that doesn’t mean they need no attention at all. Sticking to a few basic guidelines can help you avoid the need to face a high roof leak repair cost in the future. First, make sure to examine your roof every year and look for surface damage. You should also look at your roof overlay, if applicable, to ensure that moisture is not trapped within it. Consider asking a professional to examine it every year or so, too, just to make sure you aren’t missing anything.

Roof repair costs are notorious for being quite expensive, but how much to repair a metal roof? As with most things, the roof repair price can vary depending upon the specifics of your situation. If the metal is highly corroded and needs to be replaced, for example, you might find yourself spending quite a bit. If you only need a small metal roof patch, on the other hand, the cost might not be too high at all. Note that the cost for emergency roof repair is generally higher due to the urgent nature of the work.

While it’s generally a good idea to call a professional if you believe your roof might be compromised, there are a few tasks that you can probably tackle yourself. Buying and applying flat roof sealant, for example, is a straightforward process that could fix your problem quickly and easily. The same is true of metal roof leak repair sealant. But where to buy metal roof sealer?

The good news is that things like sealants should be readily available at both local hardware stores as well as larger home repair shops.

It’s important to recognize when the time to call in professional help as arrived. If you realize that the problem with your roof is more serious – or even just a bit different – than what you originally thought, consider reaching out to professional roof repair companies. Stay Dry Roofing, for example, offers emergency roof repair as well as more typical repairs, including the application of roofing tar, metal roof coating, and roof flashing repair. Our professionals have plenty of experience and are ready to help get your roof back into great shape.


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Why choose metal roofing?

A relative newcomer to residential properties, metal roofing has long been used in commercial properties thanks to its durability and low maintenance requirement. The initial price might be a bit higher than the cost for a traditional asphalt shingle roof, but the long-term benefits make the metal sheet roofing the better option. Here are some of the main reasons why you should consider metal roofing.

Do you have to have your current roof removed for metal roof installation? While professionals do prefer to have your existing roof removed to ensure the metal roof is placed as optimally as possible, it is usually possible to place it directly over what is currently in place. This is especially true of asphalt shingles. If you’re worried about the mess that removing your current roof might leave behind, ask your roofing specialists if they can place the metal over what you already have. Be aware that this can cause problems in the long-run, however, like water and vapor build up.

Asphalt shingles have relatively short lifecycles that vary from 12 years to 20 years, with the latter generally being the about as long as the roof will retain its structural integrity and perform its intended function well. Given how expensive roofs can be to install, you might want to choose a material that offers you more time between replacements. Metal roofs can last for 40 to 70 years, with 40 being the average age before roof repair or replacement becomes necessary. Why settle for 20 years at best when you can invest in something that will last at least twice that long?

Metal roofs are strong and rot resistant – that much is clear. Something that not as many people consider when shopping around for a new roof, however, is the fact that they are also fire, corrosion, and insect damage resistant. You’ll never need to worry about termites infesting your roof, nor your roof catching fire, when you opt for metal as your roofing material. You’ll also find that snow falls off of it quickly and easily.

Solar radiant heat is reflected by metal roofs.  This is good news because it means that your home won’t be as quick to heat up, saving you up to 25% in cooling costs. These are significant savings anywhere but are especially useful if you live in a warmer climate where the air conditioning is on most of the year.

Maintaining an aluminum roof isn’t particularly difficult, another reason it’s such a great choice of roofing material. Keeping the roof clean, regularly checking for necessary aluminum roof repair, and ensuring that its coating is in good shape are the most important steps. The first two steps are pretty straightforward, but the latter can prove confusing to some homeowners.

One of the most common questions we hear from customers is “how to apply aluminum roof coating?” Luckily, it’s a fairly easy process that can be done using a roller/brush method or an airless spray method. You’ll need to inspect the aluminum roofing for dirt and debris and repair any issues you encounter, and then you can apply the coating. For more specifics, reach out to Stay Dry Roofing and speak to one of our professionals.


What are standing seam metal roofing panels?

Before we look into anything else, it’s important to understand what a standing seam roof is and why it’s a good choice for residential metal roofing. Standing seam roofing is a type of roofing that utilizes a metal panel system that locks together with other panels via raised edges. The metal in between the two edges is flat, and there are generally both male and female edges on each panel. Standing seam roof details, then, feature these raised edges prominently. This kind of roof does not use big, flat sheets of metal or small shingles, in other words, but rather a collection of uniform flat panels that each offer two raised edges along its vertical sides.

A Modern Appearance

What does a standing seam metal roof look like? We’ve talked about how the roof is defined, but what kind of style does it bring to a home? Because standing seam roofing offers uniform panels that snap together in order to cover the entirety of a roof’s surface, it creates an overall impression of sleek lines. There are different styles of roofing that offer different profiles, of course, but they all feature the same basic design: raised edges that frame flat panels on two sides. If you’re looking for a low-profile roof that fits in with your modern aesthetic, a standing seam metal roof might be a great option.

It should also be noted that there are many different standing seam metal roof colors from which to choose. If you’d like something bright, for example, you can select a red shade and make a statement. A black standing seam metal roof is a good way to play up the design’s smooth lines and reinforce its modern aesthetic, but it can also be used to stay low profile depending upon the rest of the property. And, of course, a green metal roof, be it via a colored metal selection or the natural patina of a copper standing seam roof changing over time, is a classic option that goes well with just about any architectural or landscape design.


Standing Seam Metal Roof Types

There are a variety of standing seam metal roof types that can help fit almost any design customers have in mind. From Curved BattenLok to LokSeam and Ultra-Dek styles and everything in between, it is more than possible to find standing seam metal roofing in all manner of shapes and sizes. If you’d like something flat and sleek, for example, perhaps the BattenLok HS style will be the right fit. If you’d rather go for something a bit curvier, then the Curved BattonLok, much as its name implies, could be the best option.

Keep in mind that in addition to the colors mentioned in the section above, there are a variety of different metals that can be used to create a standing seam metal roof. Galvanized steel is a common choice, but customers can also select galvalume steel, aluminum (painted and bare), copper, zinc, stainless steel, and titanium. As you might expect, certain materials can impact standing seam roof costs by quite a bit, but it’s almost important to note that the metal type also impacts the qualities that can help your roof last. A zinc standing seam roof, for example, is not only extremely resistant to corrosion, but it also offers an incredibly low maintenance regime and is “self-healing” – if it is damaged within reason, such as a scratch, it will recover over time without input from you. Make your choice carefully and remember that there are many types of metal roofs – you’ll find one to fit your needs.