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An Outline of Everything You Need to Know About Roof Replacement and Repairs

The roof is the most important part of the house. It protects your home, the structure and the people living under it. This is why roof repair or replacement is the first priority following a storm. However, roofing replacement is a significant investment for many homeowners which means repairing your roof might be of better value. Our Stay Dry experts will help you recommend the best options whether to fix or replace. If the leak or shingle damage is storm related, its quite possible it can be turned into insurance and covered under your policy. A free roof inspection is most important once you discover a leak or a roofing problem.

Roof hail damage is one of the main reasons for roof repair in Fort Myers and the surrounding areas. In many instances it can become an expensive insurance claim. That’s why selecting the right roofing company, like Stay Dry Roofing, is important when considering roof hail damage repair.


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Whatever the nature of your emergency roof repair, we are here to help you pull through. For over 30 years, we have proudly served the greater Fort Myers area and surrounding communities and suburbs area. We repair all types of roofs, so give us a call today at 239-236-3071 for a reliable and effective emergency roof repair for your Florida home.

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Maintaining your roof in its best condition is the best way to protect the investment in your home. If you discover that you have a roof leak, storm damage, or regular wear and tear, we have the best materials and expertise needed to get your roof restored to working condition quickly.

Has a storm or excessive wind damaged your roof? If so, turn to the trusted advisors at Stay Dry Roofing for reliable storm damage roof repair services. Our skilled staff is equipped to manage any and all your storm damage repair needs no matter what type of roof that you may have.

Another common situation after a bad storm or high winds is when fallen debris like a tree branch or other windborne objects smash into your roof and home. Talk about emergency roof repair! No one expects something like to happen to them, so when it does you can trust the professionals at Stay Dry Roofing to be there for you every step of the way.

When shingles are damaged water can find its way into the house because it is not properly sealed. Hail damage also causes roof damage because it can chip away at the shingles. Call us right away if you notice damaged shingles, flashing, or with any other emergency roof repair needs you may have.

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Roof Hail Damage True Or False Quiz

Answer: False. A roof should be thoroughly inspected by a trained expert who knows the signs of roof hail damage. Not all roofing companies have this expertise. Stay Dry Roofing does.

Answer: False. Missing shingles are associated with wind damage. If high winds accompany a hail storm, you may see missing shingles. But roof hail damage is another matter altogether. It is very often not obvious to the untrained eye, and can be so subtle in nature that its effects may go unnoticed until leakage becomes a serious problem far down the road.

Answer: True. Numerous insurance companies limit claims for hail damage to one year. Some have a claim limit of even less. But it is also true that, due to the fact that roof hail damage may not present itself immediately, some insurance companies will pay claims past the stated deadline. However, the waiver of claim limits generally only happens when a hail storm occurs over a large geographical area.

Answer: False. Warranties by manufacturers usually very specifically exclude hail damage. The same is true with home builders and roofing contractors. In fact, a new roof is more vulnerable to hail damage as opposed to a more seasoned roof because new roofs must cure over time through the daily exposure to the elements.

Answer: False. Any roof hail damage whatsoever during a storm qualifies you to file an insurance claim. The damage may not seem like much, but it can create roof leaks for years down the line. Be sure to have your roof inspected by a company that is experienced in roof hail damage repair and, if any damage is found, file your claim immediately.